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  • Resolved Linno


    Hi there,
    Nice plugin, thank you for creating it.

    3 questions for you.
    1) I was wondering if the text “Testimonials” can be changed to something else, like “What Others Say?”
    2) Is it possible to change the font size of the testimonial content?
    3) Maybe a more general WP questions – How can I make the testimonials show up in different placements in different pages and posts? Is there a control for visibility?

    I’m new to WP, however I have a little experience in Java programming back umpteen years ago and believe with your guidance (I see you’ve given a lot, much appreciated:) , if you can tell me which file in the HMS testimonials plugin folder and which line(s) to change the coding, I could work it out.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    1) Are you talking about the admin menu item? So in your WordPress dashboard area, the link on the left?

    2) Yes, use your themes stylesheet. I have wrapped each part of the testimonial in a div (or blockquote) so you can easily adjust it with CSS.

    3. Yes, that is what a shortcode is for. You will notice on the testimonial pages I show the ID in the left most column. If you want to show a particular testimonial you can add the following to where you want it displayed in your page or post.

    [hms_testimonials id=1]

    Replace 1 with the actual id of the testimonial. If you created a group of testimonials use

    [hms_testimonials group=1]

    Again, replace 1 with the group ID.

    There are also 2 widgets you can use in the Appearance -> Widgets area for your sidebars.

    Thanks Jeff for your kind reply.

    Sorry I wasn’t clear about question 1. Let me try to rephrase the scenario … Currently, when a visitor goes to the page that shows the Testimonials (say on the sidebar area), the heading of the Testimonials from the viewers’ end, reads “Testimonials” (followed by all the text or content of course.) For e.g..

    “well done… praise… etc”


    I’m wondering how to change the “Testimonials” to read something else, like “Feedback” instead? Eg

    “well done… praise… etc”


    I haven’t done any coding since donkey years ago during a Java course so I would appreciate if you could guide me how to make this change – it should be simple even though I don’t have any experience in HTML or CSS. With your guidance I hope to figure it out!
    Thanks again and wish you a wonderful day.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    The first field in the widget where it says “Title:”, change that to say Feedback and then save the widget.


    Please let me know if that worked out for you.

    Have a good one.

    Yehhh! It worked!!! :))) Thank you so much Jeff!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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