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  • I am using single-catablog-items.php to show items in my shop and it works very well. But I have now got a new product and I’d like to be able to use a different catablog template for it in single-catablog-items.php, without changing my default template. I thought if there was a way to tell it which template to use I could do something like if ‘cats’ use template x else do what you usually do. I know I can do this with shortcodes but I’d like to display each product singly if possible.

    I don’t know if it’s possible to do this in php though.



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  • Hi Denise you can try your method of using if or else statements within single-catablog-items.php file. However it would be much easier to use shortcodes.


    But shortcodes don’t work for single item display do they? Or is there a way to use a shortcode to display just one item?

    As far as I understand it for showing a single item on a page its using single-catablog-items.php. Essentially I want a single-catablog-items2.php file and a way for switching between them depending on the category. But I just can’t work it out.

    Hi, can you provide an example of what you mean by a single item?

    Thank you

    My site is an art site and I’m using catablog to show different galleries. But I don’t want to show all the paintings on one page as you’d get if you used a shortcode, I want to see one item at a time.

    So in my sidebar I have a shortcode that loads all the items from one category as thumbnail images to create a menu. When you click one it loads just that one catablog item in the main page using the single-catablog-items.php file. It works really well. Here is an example

    But I’d like to use a different layout for some items. I think single-catablog-items.php uses the single layout template? So I thought I could find a way to tell it to switch templates and use a different one for a different category. But I can’t work out where or how you do that. Maybe it’s in the programming somewhere (in which case that’s too complicated to touch) or maybe I’m missing something really obvious. I’m not sure which! 🙂

    Hi, check the following URL which provides some examples.

    Thank you for the link but that page is all about using gallery shortcodes, my question is about using and working with single-catablog-items.php.

    thank you for your time anyway.

    Hi, yes that is correct. What I was trying to point out is that the shortcodes in this plugin provide a lot of flexibility. You can achieve many different combinations.

    You can read more about what options you have here.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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