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  • Hey,

    I’ve done this before but I cannot find where you edit the template for the page listing. This is the tag I am calling.

    <?php wp_list_pages('child_of=4&sort_column=post_title&title_li=') ?>

    And it comes out like this.

  • Page1
  • Page2
  • Page2
  • Not only do I want to remove the bulletpoints but I want to include a small description but more importantly an image ID next to it assiciated with the page. I’ve done it before, but I want it so an image from a specific folder with the filename being the same name as the ID showing next to it when called. For example, if one of the pages is called ‘Resident Evil 4 Review’ it would come up like this when called. The 2 [image] on top of each other represents one image.

    [image]Resident Evil 4 – Review
    [image]See what we think this game.

    I just have no idea where to edit the template and do something like this. Any help is very much appreciated. 🙂

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  • *bump*

    Nobody? It must be possible.

    I really am having no luck with this. I keep trying and I just keep getting PHP errors. There must be someway I can edit the page listing so that it displays an image corresponding with the article ID. I’m only calling it once and this is how I want it do be displayed. Could someone please help me?

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