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  • editoreo


    So, I looked at other posts about this and it seems that there’s still no solution. Yes, I can change the icons, but it seems that no-one knows how to change text also (so, that it doesn’t show “follow me on google+” for instance, if I have changed the icon to soundcloud for example).

    I would be OK that there’s no text at all, at least, but it seems when I delete the old icon name, the icon is not showing at all.

    Would be nice if someone could share their solutions if there are any (I read something about changing header.php social icon section, but in my header.php there are no mentions of any social bar at all). Thanks!

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  • rdellconsulting


    The code can be found in:
    \wp-content\themes\customizr\inc\admin\class-admin-customize.php Line 574

    \wp-content\themes\customizr\inc\class-fire-utils.php Line 129

    I’m not a PHP expert so cannot help any further.

    If you do change anything, be sure to take a copy of the files before you tinker. It is not recommended to tinker with core Theme files! They will be overwritten when you load the next update.



    thanks, will check it out. By the way – theme itself is really nice and except these few minor problems, I have to say really nice job done to the developers.



    Well, I tried to do the following – changing the name of the icon to the new one, but then the icon just disappeared and not showing at all, so it seems something else should be done. I think it shouldn’t even be much of a trouble if know where to look and what exactly to change, so I hope developer will give this some answer.




    Theme Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


    Hi editoreo,
    As of now, you have to drill down into the php and css code to add a new social icon.
    This could be an improvement of the theme in future release though.
    You might want to check if there are plugins that cover your needs.



    OK, thanks for response. A follow up question – let’s say I find a widget where there are all social links I need, what could be the way to include this widget (via shortcode or something) in the header area where the default icons are placed? Seems that it’s simple to include something in footer areas as there are widgets for that, but for header I guess it needs to be something done in the script itself.

    Hi nikeo,

    Love the theme! Forgive me for bringing back an old topic, but I had a similar question:

    On my site I changed the title text of a social icon from ‘Follow me on LinkedIn’ to ‘Follow [my company] on LinkedIn’ by directly editing the text in class-fire-init.php.

    Is there a way to do this in functions.php of my child theme instead, so that it won’t be overwritten?


    You could try using Say What?

    You need to create a Child Theme, then copy the original class-fire-init.php from customizr/inc to customizr-child/inc.

    Edit the new file (Line #145)

    You’ll just need to keep an eye out on Updates in case that core file gets changed. In which case, repeat this process with the new file. You can check the readme.txt file in each release for details.

    I’ll create a Snippet for this as it seems a regular request.

    Using Say what? is easier 🙂

    @ef, I did try to use it once after you suggested it as I agree it seems a quick solution, but I had problems with it. Sorry, don’t recall symptoms.

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