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    My question revolves around background coloring.

    I’ve been modding a YourBlog2.0 theme over at I picked what was advertised as a two column style hoping that I’d be able to change the color of the “side bars” leaving a white middle white reading pane. (You can see the effect I’m going for over at or

    So far when I try to change the background color, it ends up changing everything.

    I’m having a hard time trying to decipher my css rules but am beginning to be worried that I won’t be able to get the effect I want because the YourBlog2.0 theme won’t allow it. Am I off base?

    I would really appreciate a push in the right direction.

    Thanks to ‘Whoo’ and everyone else who takes the time to read and respond to the posts here. You demonstrate the full power and potential of the Internet.

    J. Whiting

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  • Well, every theme is different, so I can’t tell you exactly what to do. I change my themes by trial-and-error. In the last days I have been working on a theme that has ‘three parts in the middle’ and a sidebar. The first remark means, that when I change the background, the background changes, but the middle remains (for example) white. Another theme I’m working on has ‘one middle’ and thereover puts a sidebars. So when I change the background, everything changes but the sidebar.

    Just to illustrate how themes differ. I hope you can make it work by changing the sidebar part of your style.css, but there’s little I can tell you do to when I don’t know the theme myself.

    Another example of what I’m trying to do can be seen here:

    You can see my currently all-white (i.e. no black sidebars site) here:


    J. Whiting

    If you make your background color black, everything becomes black? If so, your theme doesn’t have ‘something over the background’ and it will be very difficult to make it thus. It may be easier to start looking for a theme that already has that make-up and start changing that. Just see how Greenhill 10 differs from Snoods 10. It will be a lot easier to make the first make the way you want than the latter.

    Hey Gangleri,

    Thanks for your responses.

    What I’m really hoping for here is that someone who knows more about php and css than I do will take a few moments to look into my style rules and see if what I’m trying to do is possible or not. I’ve invested a significant amount of time into modding my current theme and don’t want to leave that work behind.

    Thanks again.


    i dont understand what youre trying to do. your example sites arent working.

    youre trying to change something about the sidebar here right? what are you trying to do?

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