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Changing Server

  • Anyone know what the process is for changing servers? I have a completely seperate database at spymac.com and when I import the sql statements from the dump I took of my wordpress install it gives me an error on the first drop table wp_categories, line 2. Do I have to change the version numbers or something listed at the top of the install. I searched the forums and I saw one post about a guy who figured it out but didnt post how he actually did it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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  • Not to leave everybody in suspense it turns out that the sql dump that I was using exported with comments at the top and the database I am working with now just didnt like them, although it did take the rest of the comments throughout the sql file. Just an FYI to anyone who might be considering that particular host for their wordpress install. Whew.. pulling my hair out there for a while!

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