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  • Roy Tanck


    My site is on an older, instable machine at my host, and they’ve offered me an upgrade to a fancy new, stable one. I’ll have to move my stuff manually though.

    If found but have one question left.

    The tutorial describes how to change the url in the database. Since I’m not changing my site’s URL, I guess I don’t need to do this. Once the move is in progress, DNS servers will probably route some users to the old and some to the new machine depending on whether they’re updated or not. I’m wondering how this will affect the process? Will I be able to test the new setup by surfing to it’s IP number? Will WP get confused?

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  • satoshi


    This happened to me as well, very recently infact. If you’re keeping the same domain, there should be no issues. Before the DNS servers updated I could add the new server’s IP to my hosts file (’twas a share IP, this was the only way to get to it) and WordPress worked fine. Back up your database though, just incase.

    Roy Tanck


    I’ll need to export-import the database from server to server, so I’ll certainly have a backup just in case. Basically I’ll be transferring the database and php files. Database name and user should be the same (my host uses a prefix based on the dmain name for database names). As far as I can tell, everything should work just fine after that.



    OT to weef: What a clever use of WP! Some of those movies look interesting too (and here I am with a brand spanking new Netflix account…)! Oh, and one little suggestion: Would be nice to have “Recent Reviews” in addition to (or instead of) “Recent Comments” …

    And how do you code for the A-Z links in the alpha archive index? As you can see, I’ve already spent a few minutes birdwalking through this great site!

    One more thing: Here’s another great resource for spot-on movie reviews, my favorite reviewer so far, James Berardinelli:

    Roy Tanck


    Hi Joni,

    There’s quite a bit of custom code in my index.php (which I’ve actually chopped into pieces). I wish I’d stuck to the default setup a bit more, because upgrading to 1.5 will probably be a lot of work.


    I’ll be sure to check James’s website.

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