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  • theplayahata


    Hey Folks, I am running version 2.0.5 of wordpress. I am using either the Classic or default Theme i forget since they appear to basically be the same thing. I would like to change the amound of space used by the side bar to the main area where the post goes. Does anyone know which files I would need to edit to do this? Is it just the style sheet itself or do I need to edit one of the .php files? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give in this matter.

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  • drmike


    Should just be the style.css file. Do a search within the file for width lines and look at how they interact.

    I had to step away from this for a while but I am back to researching this and I can’t quite get it the way I want. Here is a link to the blog part of my site I found a way to make the main content section slightly more narrow or to at least cut down on the padding. This doesn’t seem to have any effect on the width of the right side of the page where the calendar, search box etc are. I would like those to take more space and start further in on the left but I am unable to find where this can be done. This would also keep the slide show I have running from so obviously going over the border on the right side of page. I’ve gone over the stylesheet.css for the theme and I just don’t see what variable or setting I can adjust this with. I thought the stuff for the right side might have been under the “menu” sections but that didn’t seem to fix my problems. Any suggestions anyone?

    Don’t worry about it. You were right. It’s all in the style sheets. It took me a little while and I had to review it in an html book but I got it close to what I wanted and i think I got it good enough. I also learned a lot about style sheets. Going to really have to incorporate this into my site going forward.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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