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  • Today I found my .htaccess scrambled with the common rules of WordPress added to the beginning if the file and truncating a lot of custom rules.

    I think the problema was due to an odd issue while connection with a temporary FTP client to edit the file.

    On WP core (misc.php line 37) there is

    if ( $markerdata = explode( “\n”, implode( ”, file( $filename ) ) ));

    but if the file for some reason (auto text correction by FTP clients) has only a \r as end line… the rest of the function code likely scramble the .htaccess file.

    Can be solved with a pre-code doing a replacement for \r\n to \n and then \r to \n.

    My 15$ tip… the price to restore a backup, ihihihih…

    Stefano Lissa.

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  • TCBarrett


    My recommendation is to scrap .htaccess (and apache) all together 🙂

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