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changing post title to h1 tag

  • Hi there,
    Could someone please tell me how to change the post titles from a h2 tag to a h1.
    I have tried various methods found searching but nothing seems to work.
    I am using the ambient glo theme.
    Obviously I need to change something in the style.css, but am at a loss as to what!!
    whenever I do make a change to h1, it changes the look of the post titles, and they don’t look right.
    thanking you in advance.

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  • Good SEO practice h1 on post titles. Just found out there was no h1 in the theme at all only in style.css

    Make changes in these files:
    1. style.css – if you didn’t like the style of h1 then copy and paste all declarations from #content h2, #content h2 a, #content h2 a:hover to #content h1, #content h1 a, #content h1 a:hover
    2. in 404.php, archive.php, index.php, page.php, single.php
    replace <h2> </h2> with <h1> </h1> in content area

    Hi mercime,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I changed as per your instructions and that did not work either, it changed the look of the theme all together, so that it was all lined up on the left hand side.
    Do you have any other suggestions? as to what the problem could be.
    Kind regards

    You didn’t change the correct files. The change in CSS nor of h1 tag in #content should NOT change the whole theme at all – only the presentation of the h1 tag and where it should be placed. Please provide site URL for further assistance.

    thanks mercime,

    I only have basic knowledge at this stage.


    In the meantime, I will try again.

    I tried again, and it did not change the theme.
    I did not change anything in 404 or archive.
    Everything seemed fine, the post headings had an underline and were slightly indented.
    Is this correct?? Have now changed things back in case it is not right.

    hi, i seemed to have worked it out. At least it looks ok, until the day I can get someone to look at my site and correct anything that is not right. what I have done so far, will have to do.
    thanks for the time you took in helping me.

    You’re welcome. One more thing, while I see no indent of the h1 post title, because of fluid width of your theme, your center column has dropped down to below the left column when viewed in 1024 monitor in IE.
    Maybe you’d like to download the fixed width version of your theme at
    Good luck.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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