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    Hi Folks:

    version: 3.2.1 (blastoff… little internet humor)

    Yes, there is already a Child CSS created.

    In the Admin, within the “Reading Settings” parameter, I have “Front Page Displays” parameter set to “Your latest posts”.

    Also for the Front Page, I have a background image that is called via the style.css, under #primary. This called image creates a faux border between the left content and right rail, or as WP calls it: the widget (or secondary) area.

    Within the Front page, the blog “sample” only displays a little of the text… you can click on the blog link that reads “Continue Reading –>” to view the remainder of the blog (called “Press release” in this example).

    If you click on that link “Continue Reading –>” it takes you to another page so you view the remaining text of the blog… however, the faux background image needs to be removed because it interferes with the textual content.

    So, my questions is “do I create a new template for posts, and if so, which one?” Or am I missing something all together?

    Any gurus care to tackle this question?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • ancawonka


    Check the CSS classes that are applied to the body on posts pages, as well as the homepage. You can usually work from the body class to deal w/ issues like this.



    Thanks for the reply, ancawonka!

    Can you tell me to which CSS class you’re referring?

    The reason I ask is because the page that I need to change the background image is this one:

    When I used the Firebug Tool (Firefox), the CSS calls the background image in question through the ID “primary”, or, for those who want me to be syntax correct “#primary”… but not any Class- that I can see.

    So, this makes me ask: if the ID #primary is what is controlling the background image within this page, then do i not need to find which template controls this? Or is there a php page that needs a conditional statement created that chooses a different CSS call? Geez- i hope that last part is not true because I stink at creating conditional statements in anything except Excel 🙂



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    adding this to style.css should remove the background from single posts:

    .single #primary {background:none;}

    for css class output by body_class(), see



    Thank you very much alchymyth. That worked.

    It also answered the question as to which template was being used for posts. Excellent.

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