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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on how to change a post author after the post has been initially published?

    I’ve looked this issue up in Google and in these forums, but all of the fixes mention a drop down box option for ‘Author’ that I don’t seem to see/have. It’s not hiding in screen options. The only options I have there are the publish date [a tick box] and the number of posts to show on screen.

    When I choose the bulk edit option the only items I can edit appear to be the categories associated with the post and the publishing status.

    Cheers & thanks,

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  • If you click on “Posts” to view a list of all posts, and then hover over the post name and press “Quick Edit” do you see the drop down option for Post Author there?



    Are you signed in as administrator?

    Hi jessn… nope! No ‘Author’ drop down. Just title, slug, date, password, categories and publish status.

    Hi Bill…yes, I’m an administrator.

    It’s all very frustrating! Thanks for your help.



    Dumb question, but there _are_ other users with author status, right?

    Yes, Bill. 😉
    One has the role ‘Author’ and two others are ‘Administrator’. I was logged in as myself (an Administrator) when I created some article posts for my manager…he has an account as Author and wrote the actual articles, so I’d like to change the post author to his user name so he gets credit on the live site. Does that make sense?



    Makes fine sense; had to check 😉

    Strange that the author pull-down doesn’t show up on the quick-edit window but it sounds like everything else does. Have you installed a plugin that modifies or fine-tunes role scopes? I’m afraid I can’t think of anything helpful for you but I’m sure someone here will.

    Understand…it’s most often simple things that cause the problems.

    You’ve actually just thought of something very helpful…plugins. I don’t have one installed that modifies roles, but I do have one that allows you to make custom post types, Custom Post Type UI. There are special fields in this that you can turn on or off and one of those is….ta da! Author.

    So beware anyone using Custom Post Type UI you need to particularly select Author as a supported field under Advanced Options of the post type. By default this isn’t selected.

    Thanks Bill, problem solved!



    Oh that’s great! Congrats on getting it worked out.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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