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  • Ok, so I posted something in another section (Themes and Templates) but figured that it would suit better in here, so i’m just gonne link to the other thread and give a small recap;

    What happens: You can click on either ‘Architectuur’, ‘Meubel’ or ‘Objecten’. And the items that are relevant are moved to the first, second, third, … place and the items that don’t matter fade out.

    What should happen: All the items should stay in place and the items that are irrelevant should fade out and the relevant items mustn’t change place, like so;
    As you can see they don’t move, they all stay in place and some of them just fade out.

    Some info that might be useful:
    – the ‘animating’ aka moving of the images/projects is done by jquery and isotope
    – the piece of code that i’ve been messing with is;

    Getting sort of desperate. I’ve posted this on some other forums and none of them gave me a decent answer…. Giving a link to a person or a freelancer of whatever that might know this is appreciated as well, thnx!

    ps: if there are any mods reading this, really sorry for the double thread, you can delete the topic in the Themes and templates section.


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