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  • I’m using the “Podcasting” plugin and I’d like to change my feed from the plugin’s to Feedburner.

    I did a live chat w/iTMS support and they basically told me to start from scratch — which means I lose all my existing subscribers.

    Then I came across this:

    …but since I’m using Podcasting by Spiral Web Consulting, there is no .xml feed to edit to add the “itunes:new-feed-url” entry.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Blubrry PowerPress includes the “iTunes New Feed URL” option that you are looking for. PowerPress and Podcasting store podcast episode information in the same format (format WordPress expects), so you should be able to switch plugins without loosing any episode information. You must be in ‘Advanced Mode’ of Blubrry PowerPress to be able to set the “iTunes New Feed URL” setting.

    You can first install/activate Blubrry PowerPress, configure it, then deactivate Podcasting when you are ready to make the switch. PowerPress was designed to migrate users from PodPress, so if another podcasting plugin is enabled, PowerPress disables itself from adding tags to your feeds and players to your pages. Don’t forget to disable Podcasting when you’re all done entering your settings in PowerPress.

    @mhains– Our Podcast is in a similar situation to the one you describe. Did you find a solution to this issue without leaving Spiral Web Consulting?

    Much thanks!

    We’ve added the option to provide itunes with an updated link.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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