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  • Hi there,

    I have an issue which consists of three separate but probably related ones:

    1.) Under “Settings” and “discussion” you can set the requirements for a user to enable them to post a comment. However, even if I untick the box “Comment author must fill out name and email”, those two fields still contain a “*” which indicates to the user that they would still need to fill in those fields.
    Also, when I try to post a comment (as a normal user) the site simply scrolls to top wihout there being the normal message “Your comment is awaiting approval” (while the approval option is enabled). The comment appears after it has been approved though.
    Do you know how this can be corrected? (The box is currently unticked so neither name nor E-Mail are required.)
    Unforunately Troubleshooting does not work (as far as I know) since I need to stay logged in to see the via troubleshooting enabled frontend. However, to see the aforementioned comment fields (name, e-mail, website) I would need to be logged out.

    2.) Would it be possible to only set the “name field” as a requirement instead of “name and e-mail”?

    3.) Is there a functioning way to replace the placeholder text in the comment fields (E-mail, name, website)? I found some code in this thread
    but all it did was disable my ” Show comments cookies opt-in checkbox, allowing comment author cookies to be set” option. The thread is closed which is why I am unable to post my question there.

    If necessary I can provide a link to my website and login information.

    Thank you for your time and best wishes

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    Please identify exactly which theme you are using and then post in that theme’s dedicated forum via its page so the theme’s developers and support community can help you with this.

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    This is a bit of a problem because I have already asked the very capable developers over there – – and they asked me to ask the wordpress support staff for a method which in return would probably work for their theme as well.
    So could you please specify why this is supposed to be a theme related issue and not a wordpress related issue?
    I don’t understand either why Nr. 3.) did not get addressed here since it has already been addressed in the wordpress forum previously. If I am using the wrong forum for issue Nr. 2.) and 3.) please redirect me to the correct one.

    Thank you

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    Hi! Could you please provide an answer to my abovementioned question? Otherwise I and other people might spend time and effort in vain on a problem that might have a chance of getting solved here. After all – the same/a similar question has already been answered in this forum…so I only need specifics in order to get to work.

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    So I did ask again in my theme’s forum and they basically said that if it can be solved for twentytwenty it can easily be solved for the actual theme I am using (generatepresspremium):
    “If they can provide a method that works for a twenty series theme, it would work the same for GP.”
    . Apparently this is the better way to go at it so could you at least give me a hint?

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    I am using (generatepresspremium)

    You’re using a commercial theme. For commercial product support please contact the author directly on their site. In order to be good stewards of the WordPress community, and encourage innovation and progress, we feel it’s important to direct people to those official locations.

    Forum volunteers are also not given access to commercial products, so they would not know why your commercial theme or plugin is not working properly. This is one other reason why volunteers forward you to the commercial product’s vendors. The vendors are responsible for supporting their commercial product.

    As the author is aware, commercial products are not supported in these forums.

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