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  • Please forgive me, as I’m not a WP expert by any stretch.

    I have a client who has a WP blog, but when it was up, the permalinks were set to default so his articles are all called using:

    We’d like to change two things without destroying our back links:

    First is that we don’t want to use the word “blog” as the name of the blog as it is currently set up.
    I think this article addresses that issue:
    Is that correct?

    Second, I’d like to change the permalinks from calling articles by number to calling articles by name.

    Ultimately, I’d like the blog URLs to look like this:

    Can we make that happen without destroying back links? This blog has been live for a few years, and I want to cause as little damage as possible.

    Alternately, is there a way to employ a blanket 301 style redirect so that any links to the old site at least hit the homepage of the new one? Or is that just too sloppy?

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