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  • I want to change my permalinks but the old ones (default permalinks) not redirect to the new one, this is a problem for who want to change the permalinks

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  • HI,

    Can you be more specific? What rules are you using in the permalinks? Also if the old posts URLs are not being changed, what about the new ones you create? Do they get the new URL?

    I use wordpress on iis server. I have an active blog installed in blog folder with default permalinks and I want to use wordpress as cms so the page permalinks will be

    There is option to change the permalinks only for the pages and for the posts to stay with the default permalinks on ?

    I tried to change the permalinks to /blog/%postname% it works but when I go to it not redirect to the new ones. I read another post here on the forum and I see that this is a problem on 3.4 version of wordpress. How I fix it?

    It is not a problem with WordPress 3.4. It is more an issue of IIS not supporting it properly. In that case I would recommend configuring the redirects in IIS.

    It’s problem on 3.4 version, a lot of users reported this bug and also appear on other servers.

    You have any soloution for me? What you recommend me to do?

    I’d second Johnb81’s opinion first up. Can you point us to the other reports?

    As for another solution you could try a plugin like redirection, though if you have a lot of posts that might be a bit of a headache.

    I, like many others didn’t experience such issue. Also keep in mind that all other users in that ticket are using Apache. IIS is a different kind of animal. So it could be related to a specific install scenario. As suggested in the previous ticket, did you try to disable all the plugins and change to default theme temporarily?

    Once all is switched off, can you reproduce the problem?

    the pretty permalinks works for me well without any problem and also in the pervious versions the permalinks redirects was working.

    You use any plugin to redirect your old permalinks to the new ones?

    I have a local version of WordPress. I’ve just uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times. Each time, on reinstall, I’ve checked that all is well, and it is.

    I then change the permalinks, but make no other alterations to the default setup, and all pages and single posts become unreachable (404).

    Ubuntu 12.04LTS Apache2 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.2

    Any soloution for it? this is huge problem for seo

    Offhand it is very difficult to say. Ideally you can send me a backup of your website (not over this forum as it would contain sensitive data), we install it locally and see how it works. Then we can start troubleshooting from there.

    If other people have the same experience as me, in that it happens on a virgin install, I wouldn’t have thought a backed up site would be necessary.



    IF that is true, then restart and take the advise given here, always back up and always do so each time you mod a file (each file at least). Take careful notes about what changes you have made. Include comments in changed files properly.

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    Ubuntu 12.04LTS Apache2 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.2

    Odd, I’m using the same distro and it works on my test install. I also zapped it for something else but these commands should work.

    Confirm that mod_rewrite is active

    $ sudo a2enmod rewrite

    Are you using a virtual host? Check that you have something like this for the vhost in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/

    <Directory />
                    Options FollowSymLinks -Indexes
                    AllowOverride All

    and that that site is enabled.

    $ a2ensite your-site-config

    someone tried the fix on the ticket?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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