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  • I plan on doing a Permalink change on my site but wondering if I even need a plugin such as ‘Simple 301 Redirects’. I ran a test on my dev WP blog (3.4.1) changed my Permalink structure from: /reviews/%postname%/ to /%category%/%postname%/

    But after I did that, I went to a page with the old permalink of and it automatically forwarded me to the updated permalink of

    Seems like WordPress does this automatically? Has this changed in 3.4.1 or something? Or does WordPress just redirect it but a plugin such as the one mentioned above redirects it with a proper type of 301?

    Any help would be great!

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  • WordPress stores posts by post_id in the db and displays the URL/redirects to as set in permalinks…

    To see this, find the post_id (by hovering over a post title in the post list and looking for it in lower left in the status bar area) and then browse to the URL (obviously, use the post id you found)

    I guess my question is if you change the permalinks from one thing to another, does WordPress do the redirecting automatically. For example, if a site was linking to post on my site before I change the permalink and a user clicks on that “old permalink structure” will the user see a 404 page or be automatically forwarded to the link structure automatically?

    does WordPress do the redirecting automatically

    Yes. It uses a server module called mod.rewrite, host support required and if on local host do not attempt, wait until site is live then change

    if a site was linking to post on my site

    One would setup 301 redirects for popular posts, pages, etc.

    I created a simple website on WordPress, I wanted it to just have that one page- which I titled “Home”. The problem now is the permalink has to be home. I want people to find it without having to add the “/home” to the URL. I tried to edit the permalink but it won’t take off the /home. Also on the top left hand corner of the page it has “Home Home” with the 2nd one highlighted- as though its a second home page.??

    Let’s keep on topic.

    My question is about how to change my permalink- isn’t that the topic?
    Could you tell me what topic this would be under? Thankyou

    My question is about how to change my permalink

    Please review the links and their links…We have gone from I know what to do and it does not work to I will keep posting while I change code on my site.

    Good luck.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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