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    I started this blog using the default permalinks, the style.

    Now, I would like to change, from here forward, to

    If I make that change immediately in Options/Permalinks will that cause any problems with the earlier 150-some posts that are already named blogname/p=number?

    What I’m concerned about is that I don’t want the posts that have the default-style names to lose those — since they’re already Google indexed. I just want posts from here on out to take on the new style.

    Will I accomplish that if I change the style in Options/Permalinks now?


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  • Maybe I wasn’t clear?

    Let me try phrasing the question again:

    If I change my permalink structure, will I wipe out my earlier (former) permalinks? Or will the change only take effect with new posts?


    You will be fine. All posts are always accessible with even if you have nice permalinks enabled. Where you will have troubles is if you change your nice permalinks at a later date (from blogname/something/nice to blogname/something/different/to/before).

    Thanks, Ian.

    Do I understand that all posts are saved as both /?p=number AND /nice-post-name when I select “custom” permalinks and tell it to save them as

    Or is it that WordPress still knows the order in which posts were created/published and so i could still, in wp-admin, locate posts by their sequential number?


    P.S. If it’s the former, and they are saved as both /?p=number and /nice-post-name, then do the search engines index each post both ways?


    Advice please.

    I changed the permalink structure, per advice above.

    I selected “custom” wrote in the following structure:

    Now, what I get, when I click on the link for any earlier post is the follwing page:

    which of course, has nothing on it….

    Where did I go wrong? How do I recover?


    OK. I was able to return to “default.” Which just has the post slugs appearing as“. So the blog is working again.

    But what path do I need to write in order to select “custom” and have future posts use a custom slug such as” ??

    And, of course, I want to do that without breaking the blog…

    I think I’m getting that I need to put only /slug in the input box instead of the full path as I did before. But what magic word exactly needs to replace “slug” in the example above in order for WordPress to know to use the smart slugs?


    You need to enter permalink tags not a url (see, try entering:


    Got it!

    Yes. It works both ways. It automatically uses a smart tag based on the title for EVERY post AND, if I type in /?p=number, it calls up posts.


    Hey Ken,
    I am having the same problems as you. My host uses IIS. how did you fix it exactly?
    thanks in advance!

    ok, dspiral. here’s what i did:

    go to options/permalinks

    under “common options,” select “custom” and type in:

    that will give you what i have now…. a url with the blog url, category and postname.

    in addition, wordpress automatically creates a version in the default post-number format. so you don’t lose any google indexed pages when you make this switch.

    hope that helps.


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