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    I want to have real language urls (or at least I think I do), so I read a little here and then went in and changed my permalink structure to “Pretty Permalinks.”

    One thing troubles me because I’m not sure I understand it — in the codex it says this,


    ==> mod_rewrite (“Pretty Permalinks”)

    … mod_rewrite permalinks require Apache’s mod_rewrite module, which means that people running other servers cannot use them.


    What does that mean? Does it mean if I send someone a permalink to one of my posts that it may not take them to the right page depending on what server they are connecting from (whether at work or through their ISP at home?) Or am I just misunderstanding this?

    My second question. After changing to a custom /year/month/post-title permalink I noticed that if I clicked on sidebar links from anyplace other than the home page it says this in the address bar —

    instead of what I would expect/want it to say, this —

    Is there anyway around this that doesn’t require a lot of things done by hand?

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  • 1. Or am I just misunderstanding this?
    I am afraid, you are.
    It is about YOUR server, i.e. where the blog is hosted. If that one runs Apache – you are OK.

    2. I guess we need to see it… and to know what thos elinks are, what is the code/plugin that generates them etc.

    I am afraid, you are.

    Thank god, because that made no sense to me at all. I figured it had to be just MY server that mattered, in terms of generating the new urls.

    Here’s the messed up example from my blog —

    I am on this post page, for instance:

    If I click a link on the sidebar, like:

    “Robert Altman 1925-2006” under RECENT POSTS

    …it will take me to the right page, but this url appears in the address bar:

    In other words, when it’s connecting from a post page, rather than the home page, it just keeps the pretty permalink of the referring post and tags the ugly permalink of the new post onto the end of it. Making for a very confusing url in the address bar. Bleh.

    If I then click the post title, it will connect to the proper permalink:

    I hope this makes sense….

    Maybe there’s something wrong with the language in my “Recent Posts” code?

    I understood why they don’t work even at the first time 🙂
    However, you didn’t answer my question: HOW do you generate those “recent posts” links?
    Plugin? Your own code? Or what?
    If code – post it to and come back with the url.

    My friend designed the site for me, adapting it from the kubrick theme.

    I believe she just copied some code from somewhere (it’s not a plugin).

    Here’s the code —

    1. I don’t do Kubrick but for sure it is not a standard code from that theme.
    2. I am not a coder, never claimed to be, but I’ve learned basic HTML (your friend didn’t).
    Try to put a / [slash] before the question mark:

    echo "<li><a href='/?p=$post->ID'>";

    Thanks Moshu. I made the change you suggested and it got rid of the weird hybrid urls, but the recent post links still connect to the old “ugly permalinks.”

    Like —

    Is there a way to fix that code so that the recent posts links will recognize and connect to the “pretty permalinks”?

    I’m think Maybe I should just use a customizable plug-in for generating recent posts in my sidebar.

    Is there a plug-in that you or anyone else would recommend?

    Most of the ones I’ve found mentioned here don’t seem to have much development activity in the last year. And i’m not even sure they work with WordPress 2.0.

    Please advise, if possible! =o)

    I use this fro ages:
    and it works with every WP version + it uses the “nice” permalinks.

    Great! That’s the plug-in that looked the best to me. I was just concerned that it might not work on the newest versions of WordPress, as the last comment on that page is from a year ago.

    I’m definitely gonna go with it.

    You rock, Moshu!

    Thanks for all your help and your quickness in responding.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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