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  • Hi.

    I’ve gone through two providers and I think this is a WordPress problem. As soon as I change the structure of my permalinks to one of the defaults (2006/05/23/article), my blog says goodbye and all I get is an Error 500, Internal Server Error.

    What’s especially frustrating is that I can’t even restore everything by deleting the MySQL tables and loading a backup (made just before I changed the permalinks). Fortunately, I didn’t have that much content yet.

    Any chance I can work around this? I really want my permalinks to be structured in that way but that seems directly related to the error.

    Thanks so much for your help, I appreciate it.



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  • Are you using the Custom permalinks field? If so, what are you entering into it?

    Nope, the standard option.

    What’s that? I’m looking at my Options -> Permalinks page and I don’t see a “Standard”. What verson of WP are you using?

    WP 2.0.2.
    I meant to say one of the given options (that would change it into the format I mentioned above).

    “Date and Name based”

    Well, that certainly shouldn’t be causing Error 500s. In fact, it is what I use on my blogs and doesn’t.

    Are you hosted on windows or linux? Apache or IIS?

    That’s the one. The server is running Apache & Linux.


    Same as the 95% of the rest of the world. Hmm…

    Ok, some things to check.

    1) When you visit the Options -> Permalink page and change to that setting, does WP display (at the very bottom) a message indicating that it can’t write to your .htaccess?

    1.1) If that message is there, be sure to follow the directions listed.

    1.2) You do have an .htaccess file, right? If so, would you be willing to share what is in it?

    2) Can you confirm with your host that they have mod-rewrite enabled AND AllowOverride properly set for you?

    More light reading here: In particular, look over the trouble-shooting / fixing areas and see if you get any ideas.

    If nothing else, try putting this in the custom field and see if it does anything: /index.php/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

    Thanks guys, I will try it out tonight.
    Truly appreciate your help.

    I just deleted the .htaccess file and the blog is back up.
    (Without the permalink changes, obviously.)

    What does that mean? What should a .htaccess file for the desired format look like? Can’t I just create one myself?

    I’m so stupid! I did the same with the same result. Please tell me how to bring my blog back!! with all the comments…
    I cannot find the .htaccess file, where is it????

    It should appear in the root directory of your blog.
    Make sure your FTP client is set to ‘show all files’.

    Ok, I can see it now. What should I do? (as far as I am a complete dummie, can you explain it step by step?)
    What will happen if I delete that file?
    Will I be able to enter in the admin panel again?

    thanks for your help!!!

    Create a file named .htaccess and upload it to your blog’s directory. No extension on the file name. You can leave it blank.

    Go to your blog’s Options -> Permalinks. Look at the bottom of it. If WP detects that it can’t edit the .htaccess, it will provide a field with what you need to copy and paste into your .htaccess. If WP *can* update it, there won’t be a message. So, update manually if you need to. Hit apply.

    I’ve spoken to my host and they don’t have enable the mod-rewrite enabled. They won’t enable it and they won’t set it for me…I guess that once I’ll be able to recover my blog I must accept the URL structure that worked…but first I need to recover my blog

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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