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    I have changed my password so many time that when I try a new email address or name, I have used my familiar ones. Is there a way to erase my old record of password changing activity?

    Recently, you changed all passwords. So unlike previous changes due to losing mine or not understanding the system, I have used my last email address. What do I do the next time you do this. Create another bogus email address?

    Gotta be a better way.

    PS, I can appreciate your need to make these password changes, but I am in trouble the next time.

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  • Are you saying that you can’t log in becuase you can’t remember your email address?

    There’s nothing in WP that monitors password usage that would prevent you from re-using an old password.

    I know it is advised against. I however have way to many sites that require passwords so I have only two very complicated ones that I know around 13-14 characters. Change the password to something that will make sense to you. I also email my passwords to myself at an email address that is for that purpose. Do not write, WordPress password on the subject. Come up with a clue that you recognize.



    Hi Ipstenu and Outthere,

    I can and did log in, but I am using my last email address. Maybe I can use an old password, but not an old email address. Registering a password requires a different email address.

    I am saying that I have changed my password several times and each time they ask for a new email address. I am running out of spare email addresses. Making a new one is like inviting more confusion. I lose my pass words because I did not follow the advice given by “outthere” above. Even if I have better habits now, I still will run out of email addresses.


    I am saying that I have changed my password several times and each time they ask for a new email address.

    They who?

    Again, there’s NOTHING in WordPress that does this for passwords. Making a new ID, yes, you need a separate email, but each ID can use the same password for ever, AND you are never asked to change the email address.

    if you have a PLUGIN that’s doing this, maybe you should turn it off.

    Forward. Hell, I can’t remember all those sites or purchase and mostly don’t care anymore. So I forward all my e-mails to the address that I read. Get organized.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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