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  • This is my second WP project and it’s been going great, but this one thing is ultimately frustrating. I’ve searched several different ways and can’t find anyone with the same issue I’m experiencing.

    I created a custom page with the following:
    Template Name: keys
    File name: keys.php
    Title in WP-admin: Keys

    I got it working the way I wanted with the intent of one day changing it to “Keyboard.” Today was that day. Everything was working, so I went into WP-admin and changed the page title from “Keys” to “Keyboard.” Now the page only displays the homepage. It’s specifically the homepage because the homepage is the only page that has a background photo. I then made changes so now everything about that custom page is as follows:
    Template Name: keyboard
    File name: keyboard.php
    Title in WP-admin: Keyboard

    It still just shows the home page. WHAT GIVES?

    You might ask yourself, “why don’t you just change the title back to “keys” and see if that works?” I’ve noticed that if I change a title, or trash a page and create another of the same name, the permalink will now allow me to have just “keys” anymore. It will always add a “-2” or however many times I’ve used that title in the permalink. I want “keyboard” to be JUST “keyboard” and not “keyboard-2” or whatever it does. That doesn’t seem like that should be happening either.

    Does anyone have a solution for either or both of these problems I’m having? The closest thing I could find was possibly that my .htaccess file is messed up, but I am not comfortable messing with that thing myself. I did have to add some MIME types for the media player I installed, which caused some issues, but I replaced it with a default and everything was fixed. Could that be part of the issue? I’m so lost.

    My eternal gratefulness is up for grabs! Thanks all.

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  • I got some help from a friend, and the permalink thing (keys-1, keys-2, etc.) was caused simply because I hadn’t emptied my trash. Once I did that, I could use anything I wanted for a permalink…

    …except “keyboard”

    For any page that I created and changed the permalink to “keyboard,” it would take me to the homepage. It didn’t matter what the title was, or what custom template I used. If the permalink was set to “keyboard,” it took me to the homepage. When I changed it to “keyboards” it worked the way I expected it to. So the only thing we can gather is that there’s something about the word “keyboard” and how WordPress handles it. I’ll look around for an answer later, but I gotta finish this project first. Later!

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