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  • I am looking for help with changing order of pages at my blog which I am trying to make appear as a website.
    I read the docs section about how to do this and found this piece of information.

    For example, to set the display order of the posts without affecting the rest of the query string, you could place the following before The Loop:

    query_posts($query_string . “&order=ASC”)

    As the topic has not been fully completed I am unsure which pages of theme and where in the theme the above code should be entered.

    I read or tried to read the loop but to be honest I got in a loop!

    Any advice appreciated. thx in advance

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  • Hi!
    When you edit a wp page you have a field called “page order”.
    I order my pages using this field. 0=first one.

    Hope this help you.

    There is no such thing as “page slash post”…
    Pages are completely different from posts. Try to ask a precise question, otherwise you will get confusing answers.

    Ok sorry about pages/posts. how do I reorder posts in particular in what template do I add the

    query_posts($query_string . “&order=ASC”) bit?

    Somebody kindly put me on to a brilliant plugin for my above problem.

    Im afraid I have another query. Ive have a look in admin and post plugins but can seem to find anything.

    When someone clicks on a catergory in my side bar is there a way or plugin so that the posts displayed differently?
    My catergories are setup and I have 30 posts with another 100 or so to go. I would like if possible for just the post title perhaps a line to show up.
    That way when a catergory has many posts the actual viewing page wont be too long. This may not sound important but I am trying to give my blog the feel of and actual website.
    Thx in advance

    Category_Templates? – that might be the answer.

    auntiebiotic, can you post a link to the plugin that solved your problem please?

    Strider42, it might be

    Stider43 the plugin was “Different Posts Per Page” i actually found it in the “EXTEND” section of this site. Its really easy to use. It must be if I can use it!

    [moderated added link]

    for sorting and ordering the ‘posts’ part of posts/pages 😉
    aStickyPostOrderER might be useful

    Hi – I’m trying to only display posts with specific categories to specific pages. Is this possible?


    post 1 = cat 1
    post 2 & post 3 = cat 2

    so post 1 should only post to page 1
    post 2 & post 3 should only post to page 2



    I want to place the important posts in the top of the home page.
    But the posts displayed in the home page are in descending order by date. Any plug-in are any idea?

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