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  • Hi,I am using WP 3.4 For Long Time And Since Yesterday,I faced an problem,my settings not being saved…
    Now more detailed…
    Is not saving things that do not need reload of page…
    For example
    When you add new page and click publish,it reloads the page
    when you go to menu, choose menu and click add menu it just loading and adding,But page NOT Reloading,it reloads when you click save menu…
    so i notice only 2 thing like that
    adding widgets and menu
    posts and other things need page reload and it work ok
    but when i want to save something that no need for page reload,it just not save…so what happening
    For example menu
    when i click add menu,there is coming circle(loading) near button And it just work forever,i let computer for 5 minutes and it just do not add menu to menu list,it just circles,turns but nothing…
    i can make video if you need,screenshot may not help in this case
    Appreciate Any Help,If This Will Not Be solved i will not be able to continue website

    Additional Information
    Theme Is Flare Theme
    Active Plugins
    Pricing Tables From
    Custom User Registration
    Social Login
    Saving Always was working with this plugin
    Actions Tried

    1.Switch To Twenty Ten(Not work too)
    2.Deactivating Plugin(Not Work)
    3.Activating Again(Not work)
    4.Updates Not made
    5.I will not update WP(because of conflicts with theme)
    6.Everything works with current update for one month
    7.Final All Other Plugins Removed
    8.Final Full Backup Done

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