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    I’ve managed to install WP3.5.1 (using a cPanel Fantastico script installer), changed the WP installation to run from its own directory, set it up as a network, and create one blog ( in addition to the main blog (, which is currently hidden behind an old index.html file).

    All that with the siteURL of the network set to I’ve not got about 4 posts and 3 additional pages on

    I only just got around to wondering why the url shows rather than and why browsers will switch it to even if I type in

    I’d like to be able to change that so that my network is using

    I tried editing the site as a Network Admin from the Sites tab of the Dashboard. In the Edit page for the /ux/ blog, I changed the domain in the Info tab from to, and, in the Settings tab, I changed the siteurl from to and the home field from to

    When I then went to, the home page came up, and the 3 other pages that I’d created came up. But when I clicked on any of the post titles to go to their pages, they 404’ed.

    I thought maybe I needed to change those settings for the main blog, and hopefully thereby change them for the whole network, so I went to the edit page for the network at /. The settings for domain, siteurl, and home are set to,, and, respectively, and they are all read-only.

    I changed everything back to the way it was, just so that things would continue to work correctly.

    But how do I successfully make this change? It’s a small thing, the lack or disappearance of the www, but one that I’d like to change…

    Some searching on this site and googling turned up these two guides that seemed relevant, but they seem to involve more of a change than I’m doing:

    Are those indeed what I need?

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    Yes but… You really shou;dn’t.

    WordPress Multisite works much better without the www.

    Really? Intentionally, I take it. Any idea or pointers to why?

    I guess if it’s designed to work better that way, and if to do it the other way would create lots of headache, I can live with it, but…It’s a bit of a nit to this UX guy.


    Because of how various servers handle www and non-www mostly. they SHOULD all take it as an alias, but server configurations are weird to a lot of people.

    The problem I’ve seen with using www is that sometimes, when upgrading, you break network upgrades with a bizarre redirect loop :/ I can’t reproduce it anywhere but with the www-sites, and even then, not all the time. It’s not worth the risk to me.

    Thanks! I guess I’ll leave it alone, then. Cheers!

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