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  • Hello, i’m using Mistique 2 theme and i’m new to web designing.
    1- I’d like to know if it is possible to change the navibar look, i mean making the borders more rounded.

    2- Is it possible somehow to change the navbar colour? (for ex. dark blue)

    thanks for your answers!

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  • Hi,
    you can add this to your child style.css:

    .nav-main ul {
    background: url('images/bg-nav.png') repeat-x scroll center top rgb(0, 0, 205); // this will make the color blue
    border-top-left-radius:10px; // this four lines of code will make the borders more rounded

    Kaniamea’s code is great.
    However, if your borders are all going to be rounded the same way, a quick line of code would do:

    .nav-main ul {
     border-radius: 10px;

    @kaniamea sorry…code of no use. I can’t even find that bg-nav.png file anywhere in the folder. Maybe i’m missing something? i know i’m a complete fail and sorry for that please help and thanks for you reply

    Hi Denea,
    you need to add the code in your child style.css or if you are not using a child theme you can install the Simple Custom CSS plugin – and add the code using it. No need to modify any existing file.

    still no results and i forgot to say i didn’t update wp to 3.8.1 and mistque may this be the problem?

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    We’ll need to see a Webpage with the issue to explore it

    i’m working on a site of a private internet provider in my country (site) if i’ll be able to do something good i’ll have a work please help

    p.s already working on a better slider on the mainpage via wp slider plugin

    If we can’t see the site we can’t be more specific. First install this plugin After that you will see “Custom CSS” link in your “Appearance” section. Put the code suggestions above there (in “Custom CSS”).

    @kaniamea done all of your steps…doesn’t show any changes and the site is THIS sorry for bothering again

    maybe i couldn’t explain myself…. i need to change this
    part of my web

    updated mistique theme to 3.3 and tested out the suggestions above,works perfectly.
    But now another problem…cannot change the background to my custom one and same problem with logo…some ideas? downloaded 3.3 version from

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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