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  • It seems when changing the checkbox to ‘Organise my uploads into month- and year-based folders’ doesn’t actually have any affect when running Regenerate Thumbnails.

    I have a mixture of both formats, where I want to just remove all the month and year folders.

    So when I uncheck this and save changes, I expect the plugin to be able to re-write and save all URLs, removing the month and year values from the URLs, but it’s not.

    THis seems to be a bug to me. Is there any reason why it’s not doing this as expected?

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  • You don’t really want to change the URLs of existing images. Any page that uses those images will have lots of broken images unless the HTML of those pages updates too.

    If a third party site links to an image that link will also be broken.

    If there was a good reason to do it, then WordPress should change the paths of existing images, not this plugin.

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