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  1. slimsc5
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    I am having serious problems trying to change the main background colour of the twenty eleven ecommerce theme. Any help would be really appreciated. Heres my problems-

    I cant change it in the style.css. I have come to realise that its probably because it conflicts and that if this was a child theme i had done i would have to make a function file and custom.css. My problem is this isnt mine and there is already a function file with loads of stuff in i dont understand but nothing about the main background colour. So do i make another function file or edit the one i have? If so how?

    I also had the same colour with the menu colour until i found out if i changed back to the default white colour i could edit it. It worked great apart from i cant edit the drop down colour or font and background hover styles.

    Thats it! Please help me!

    From 'very frustrated, didnt know anything about wordpress and has had a very stressful week teaching herself the basics and is about to have a nervous breakdown'

  2. slimsc5
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    i meant 'i also had the same problem with the menu colour' not 'i also had the same colour with the menu colour'

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  3. slimsc5
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    On someother posts i think people are misunderstanding me when i say ecommerce twenty eleven theme. I think people think i have 2011 with ecommerce plugin which is not the case i have ecommerce 2011 a child theme by cart press see here - http://extend.thecartpress.com/ - Does anyone have any experience with this theme. Their forum isnt answering any of my questions. Yes i have tried to chage it in style.css, it doesnt work, someoen said its because of a conflict and i have to do a custom.css. But as this is not my child theme i dont know if i can do that or if the file called rts.css is a custom.css that cartpress has made. Please help i am on a tight deadline have one week left and havent doen anything yet because i cant sort this theme out!

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