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Changing logo in Online Marketer theme


    I’m building my website using Online Marketer theme. As I have a very limited knowledge of html, I have downloaded Theme Logo plugin to insert my logo at the top of the site to replace the default website title tag.

    The plugin, while promoted as “do it yourself without a web designer”, does require some knowledge of html, as part of the header’s file markup needs to be replaced with a new code.

    Well, I followed the plugin instructions, but must have done something incorrectly, as (1) the logo got pasted HUGE (WP media does not save editing (WP – can you fix that??), and (2) it was pasted in the space between the banner (photo) and the still visible default website name at the top.

    So I reverted to the starting point. (Luckily, I saved the image of the original file! 🙂

    Could someone advise please how can I replace the default website title with my logo (jpg) -(either using Theme Logo or not). Please bear in mind my miniscule knowledge of html 🙂


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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    We require a link to your website, or Pastebin.com of your HTML and CSS code.

    Hi Andrew

    ok – http://pastebin.com/pk287SrM
    private members paste “WP-IQM Logo and Header”

    all info is there – that’s all I have. I only have html in WP, unsure about the CSS code…..(?)


    ooops…the logo needs to sit at the top of the site. replacing the default site name and subtitle, above the TABS which are above the banner :-))

    I’m sure if you look at the Online Marketer theme, you’ll know what I mean! :-))

    thank you!

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    I’m sorry, that pastebin.com link requires me to log in and I haven’t and will not signed up.

    well..I haven’t heard of pastebin until your reply. I gathered you are a member. I did sign up and created a private paste, as I don’t want to display my codes etc to the whole world…..

    I’m now curious why you will not sign up to pastebin even though you promote its use….it is free, after all.

    never mind. In this case, I have deleted the paste. Will find the solution elsewhere.


    is there anyone on the WP community who is a member of pastebin who is able and willing to help me?

    ok, I found the solution.

    Moderator cubecolour



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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