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Changing links (CSS) inside an entry but not the header, category, comments

  • ainhoa711


    I’m trying to change the a:hover of my entries using, but my problem is that when I do that the title, add a comment and categories links change too. Is there any way I can change the links of the content of the entries without changing title, comments,… links?

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  • Chris_K



    A link to your blog or theme name would help folks help you.



    Sorry about that. My blog is http://www.ainhoavega.com and I’m using the theme Blix



    Hopefully smarter people will wander by… but in the meantime, here’s a start.

    Right now, you have the hover action going via this, right?

    .entry a:hover{text-decoration: none;
    	border-bottom: 1px dotted #009193;

    That’s going to catch everything with a link in the .entry div.

    You need to get specific for the stuff you do NOT want styled like that.

    For instance, your entry titles are H2, so try something like:

    .entry h2 a:hover{text-decoration: none;}


    I presume that worked for ainhoa711 because it’s (in theory) working for me. For me, I want to be able to change entry links, categories, and tags all of which are currently affected by global a styles.

    Changing the ‘entry’ class does what I want in posts, but still leaves my tags and cats attached to each other.

    What are the class names for categories and tags? I’ve tried .tag, .tags, and .category with no luck. (Also, for future reference, in what file would I look for answers like these?).

    And I’m using Tukulr as my base (since I’m still tinkering, it’s not on my site yet).


    it’ll be easiest if you open up the php page for the area of your site you’re interested in changing.

    in your themes folder you’ll see a few of them… start with index.php.

    From there it should be a relatively simple matter to see which <div>s <span>s or whatnot are surrounding the elements you want to re-style.

    then it’s a case of making your CSS as specific as necessary.

    For instance, to change the links of the entry, you know to use “.entry a” … for the links surrounding the entry “.post a” will probably work for your style.

    Note that Entry is within Post, so if you remove the more specific “.entry a”, it will inherit whatever you specify for “.post a”

    Etc etc.

    Thanks Ivovic,

    Luckily, my theme doesn’t have any .post a styles, so just working with the specific entry class works.

    Looking at the php files wasn’t terribly instructive for me, though I’m going to take another crack at it when I’m less tired.

    At least for now, my issue is resolved. Editing the style of the entry class allows me do what I want in the posts, leaving the tags and categories under the global a styles.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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