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    I’m currently trying to tweak the look of the Mandigo WordPress theme (, more specifically the “blue” scheme. I’m now trying to find out how I can change the font colour of links in the footer.

    This is the blog as it currently stands:

    I’m not very advanced when it comes to modifying this stuff, but I’ve been able to make the desired changes to the header, as well as some adjustments when it comes to font and background colors.

    However, I’m having a persistent problem with finding a way to change the link colour of the footer. This is a problem since I decided to change the background colour of the footer (which is a .png file by the way) to the same blue colour as all the links in the blog. I have searched through various files in the theme as well as looked around the web for hints, but I haven’t even been able to locate the piece of code specifying the link colour for the site as a whole.

    I did however manage to change the non-link font colour of the footer by adding “color: #FFFFFF;” to the code in the #footer bit of the blogs CSS file, as seen below:

    #footer {
    	background: url(images/foot<?php echo ($mandigo_options['layout_width'] == 1024 ? '-1024' : ''); ?>.png);
            border: none;
            color: #FFFFFF;

    As you can see, at the moment, the links in the footer are invisible unless you hover them. I’m specifically looking to change the color of the link colour in the footer, but I’m also interested in knowing where the code specifying the general link colour can be found, in case I wish to modify this at a later time.

    Lastly, two bits of info on how this theme has been set up by it’s author:
    1. The actual CSS file used by the blog is called “style.css.php”, not the default “style.css”. Both are located in the same folder though, but the latter is a dummy as far as I understand.
    2. Some of the styling for the blog theme seems to be contained in the “scheme.css” files located in the /schemes/blue/ folders. I don’t know whether or not this is the place to make the required modifications though.

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  • As far as I can tell, scheme.css would be the place to make the necessary changes but you’ll need to specify #footer. So try adding something like:

    #footer a {color:#000}
    #footer a:hover, #footer a:active,#footer a:focus {color:#c00;}

    to the bottom of scheme.css – substituting your preferred color codes as appropriate.

    Excellent! That did the trick! Thanks a lot esmi 🙂

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