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    I want to change the “leave a reply” on the top of the post comment box to something else more suitable to my website. I have seen the code posted for this in many other posts & it works however I also have put in a code to hide the “website” question box & it will not work in conjuction with that code.

    Comments.php (code to hide website question box at the bottom)

    And this is the code I have to change the “leave a reply” message but when I use them both I get two comment boxes.
    <?php comment_form(array(‘title_reply’ => “Please leave a comment”, ‘comment_notes_after’ => “”)); ?>

    I have been googling/reading trying to find a solution for going on 3 hours so please do not give me useless links. It would be amazing if someone could help me out. Thanks!

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  • Hi

    Can I Get Your Website Link


    What Theme Do You Use



    Hi! I use twenty eleven and my site is


    To Change The Word Leave Comment In Comment From Kindly Find The Below Code In Theme comment.php File

    <?php comment_form(); ?>

    And Replace That Code With The Below One

    <?php comment_form(array('title_reply' => 'Thank You','title_reply_to' => 'Thank You')); ?>

    Note : Kindly Replace Thank You Word To Your Needed Word To Display In Your Comment Box



    Or you could try adding a filter like this to your child theme’s functions.php file:

    // Add filter to change the text for commenting
    function comment_reform ($arg) {
    	$arg['title_reply'] = __('Something else more suitable');
    	return $arg;

    Change Something else more suitable to whatever you want.



    Thank you both for your suggestions. Varumns I added your code & it did change the “reply” message but now it has “website” as one of the questions & I don’t need that. Do you know how I can change the questions to something else?


    Can You Explain Me That What Question You Need To Change




    you can use the code found here.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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