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  • I just switched from Blogger to WP recently and have about 3-months worth of Blogger postings that I need to transfer. In order to do it using valid XHTML, I’ll be manually transferring these posts.
    Since I’ve already made some new posts on my WP blog, these posts are marked with a post ID 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
    Is there a way to change the post ID #?
    I want to do this because I want my first post 3-months ago to have ID # 1, the second post # 2, and so on.

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  • Not from within WP, it can’t be done.
    However, does the ID really matter? It’s sorted by date usually…
    Regardless, if you have something like phpMyAdmin installed, that will allow you to go in and manually edit the table column/row values to your liking.
    Remember though while doing this, because the ID column is a primary key, you can’t have duplicates – so don’t make post #2->#1 until after post #1->#234234
    Take luck!

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