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  • Hi all,

    I am going to install WordPress on a paid host, but I am consider moving my sites when the current plan expire. I wonder if I could move my WordPress blog to the new host then. I searched through the Documentation as well as forum but no one mentioned this before.

    From what you discussed before, it seems impossible to move WordPress blog “properly” from to another host, the only solution is to use RSS.

    At the same time, WordPress can import posts from several sources, so I guess I can export posts on my current host and import them to the new host. However, the search for “export posts” gave no relevant result :(.

    Finally, since I can backup and restore the database, I wonder if I could “backup” on my current host and then “restore” on the other host. This works with many other sites, but did any one test it with WordPress?

    And any other approach that can be done? I believe that there must be one, for WordPress is so widely used. It’s just that I’m too ignorant to know about it. So please lighten me :).

    Thank you very much!

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  • 1. From the only way to export/import – is RSS. I don’t think you backup the DB there.
    2. If you have WP installed on a paid host service and you want to move it to another one – that’s easy:
    (the usual routine: backup, reinstall, restore etc.)

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