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  • hello; an istituition asked me to change the website from one host to another. I have admin acess , but i don’t have acess to the ftp or the cpainel(they don’t remeber it and the root admin is out ). so i m asking how do i change the website from host only using an backup plugin?

    i m new to wordpress and a bit lost :/

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    very awesome

    It’s going to depend on the plugin that you’re using and how it saves the files. Mostly you’ll get a set of files and a SQL file from the database. With those you can upload the files to the new server, set up a new database, import the SQL file and then change the DB connection settings in the wp-config.php file. That should be all you need to do.

    If they don’t have their cPanel details, then they should request them from their hosting company. It’s a very simple thing that people do every day, and that will make life a whole lot easier. The biggest reason that you’d want this is that if the new host also uses cPanel they can do an automated domain transfer that copies everything from one server to another. That includes all of the WordPress files and database, but also includes everything to do with the domain like email boxes, DNS settings and everything else that’s set up. All you need is the cPanel details.

    i won’t have the acees to cpainel any time son 🙁
    i will try to make a back up of all the data, i have instaled the wordpress in the new host, now i m going to delet the data base entry.
    and using an FTP i m going to upload all the new files and the database. but i m havin problems finding a good plugin for doing the back up.
    do youknow an that copy’s erery file?



    very awesome

    I don’t use the backup plugins that are around, so I can’t help you with any recommendations there. It’s not that I don’t trust the, it’s that we currently have three other backup methods going for each of our sites, so adding another plugin to do exactly the same thing doesn’t make any sense for what we do.

    I am worried when you said “now i m going to delet the data base entry”. I hope that you’re not going to delete the data beofre it’s restored? Just wondering, because I’ve sene people do some strange things on here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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