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  • Hello folks
    Eons ago I changed the colour of the hoovering tab in the sidebar on my site I have since changed design and the modified colours remained, which means that I changed something in the WordPress core rather than in my theme. You’ll see when you hoover in the sidebar a purple colour tab, this is what I want to change. I can’t figure it out even with firebug so any help would be greatly apprvciated! thanks

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    Which theme do you need help with?

    Well I am on Intrepidity, previously was on Modern architecture: but as stated I have swapped theme and this remain, I have also re-installed the initial files for intrepidity theme so it is not in the css of the theme that I have made this change, otherwise it would disappear when I go to another theme.

    Just tested with swapping to other themes I have never used before that have sidebars, like pearl, and same problem. So it’s definitely not in the theme…I have also reinstalled the collapsing page files for this plugin I’m using so clueless.

    Looks like your site has some kind of caching?

    The CSS appears to be in the head section of your site (custom CSS or added by a plugin)?

    I use WP-Rocket for the cache. I don’t think I’ve added any custom CSS myself.

    Try clearing and turning off the cache. If that does not work, deactivate ALL plugins and switch to the default theme to start trying to identify where that’s coming from or causing it to be troublesome.

    Ok, without any plugins it’s still there. By going back to some basic themes it disappears but and the links in sidebar are replace by underlined title rather than a hoovering block of color, but I have the feeling that it is just because these themes do not allow such function. So still clueless. If someone more versed in the Firebug functions would be kind enough to look at this sidebar section and find out which file to modify, I would be very grateful…

    The CSS appears to be in the head section of your site (custom CSS or added by a plugin)?

    Look at the View Source code of your page – using a browser tool – it’s right in the head:

    <style type='text/css'>#sidebar ul.collapsing.pages.list li
    a{display:block;text-decoration:none;margin:0;padding:0}#sidebar ul.collapsing.pages.list li a:hover{background:#912;text-decoration:none}#sidebar
    span.collapsing.pages{border:0;padding:0;margin:0;cursor:pointer}#sidebar li.widget_collapspage h2
    .5em}#sidebar li.collapsing.pages
    a.self{background:#902;font-weight:bold}#sidebar ul.collapsing.pages.list ul.collapsing.pages.list:before{content:''}#sidebar ul.collapsing.pages.list
    li.collapsing.pages{list-style-type:none}#sidebar ul.collapsing.pages.list li.collapsing.pages.item:before,
    #sidebar ul.collapsing.pages.list li.collapsing.pages:before{content:''}#sidebar ul.collapsing.pages.list li.collapsing.pages
    .sym{cursor:pointer;font-size:1.2em;font-family:Monaco,'Andale Mono','FreeMono','Courier new','Courier',monospace;float:left;padding-right:5px}</style>

    You could try adding this:

    #sidebar ul.collapsing.pages.list li a:hover {
        background: none !important;
        text-decoration: none;

    WPyogi, I appreciate your efforts. Bear with me for a minute, because despite the fact that I did the site myself, I am clearly a bit lost now when it comes to modify files. Could you please tell me the name and the location of this file on my site so I could open it and add those lines? That would be fab….

    The head section is in the header.php file. BUT that code may not actually be coded into that file – as I’m guessing it’s being added by a plugin or a custom CSS. Worth a look though.

    Ok: it’s not the header of my theme, as I’ve opened it, and already replaced with the original, plus it’s a problem that is affecting more than one theme. I do not have a default folder under theme with a general header.php file, is there anywhere else I should look at?

    You know what, I was trying to reinvent the wheel. I simply got rid of the collapsing pages plugin and redid the sidebar with individual widgets, not exactly the same appearance but work like a charm. Thanks for all the help, if you see anything I should do to improve my site I welcome the comments!

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