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  • Hi
    First time here, so please be gentle and excuse my stupidity!

    Here’s what I’m trying to do.
    I’ve currently got a Blogger account which is hosted on my site here:

    I’ve currently installed WordPress here:

    What I want to do is :
    (a) import the Blogger files into my WordPress blog and
    (b) then transfer the WordPress ‘homepage’ to (in other words, replace the current Blogger page).

    The reason why I want to use the Blogger URL is because tens of thousands of files on my site already point to that address.

    I have spent time going through the help files here but to be honest find it all a bit overwhelming.

    Could any kind soul gently guide me through steps (a) and (b) in simpleton language?

    (I know HTML but am clueless when it comes to database stuff).


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  • This sounds simple enough. I am fairly new at this but let me give it a shot.

    With WP 2.0.x you can import your blogger blog entries to your WP blog using the import tool in the admin interface. When it works it is pretty easy to use and it imports all posts and comments (but not images, but I’m working on a plugin for that Be warned that most of the documentation on this site about imports refers the WP 1.5 and is no longer applicable with the import feature. Be sure to backup your blogger template and important settings before you start. If you have problems there are some posts here that might help.

    I’m not sure about b. but you could install your WP files to the root of you site and add an entry in your .htaccess to remap news.html to the root folder or index.php. That would at least get the root working. I am guessing that you could also setup the permalinks to make the old post URLs continue to work as well. Someone else may be able to comment on that.

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