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    i have installed WordPress in a Test environment on my local PC and have imported my on-line database and copied the Themes folder etc to the test site.
    I have modified the WP_Content table in my test database to change the URL of my on-line site to my test site. I have other URLS’s to change on some of my test site pages but I am having a problem with my Home page on the test site.
    I am using a Mantra Child Theme and I have tabs in the header such as Home, About, Galleries etc.; all the tabs except Home point to the localhost installation.
    How can I get my Home page tab to point to the localhost installation?



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  • Is your incoming port 80 open? Some ISPs block incoming port 80. You might try forwarding the port. Is there a specific reason you don’t want to run your test site entirely local without connecting to the net?

    Are you trying to host your site on your web server but make it accessible outside the local environment? If so you need to use someone’s DNS servers to point your A record to your web server.

    Appearance > Menus
    Your urls may have been set there?

    Hi core-basic, thanks for responding.
    I am trying to host my site entirely local. As I said, I have on my local install gone into phpMyAdmin > wp_options and changed the site URL to point to my local install URL; in my local install wp_admin > Settings > General Settings I have both the WordPress Address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) pointing to my local installation URL.
    I have not been able to find any other instances in my local install of a setting pointing to my WEB site URL.



    Hi jibbius, thanks for responding.

    No, they aren’t set in that area. I have more information in my reply to core-basic.



    In phpmyadmin, you should be able to search for text within a database. Don’t have the progam in front of me to guide you, but from memory it’s somewhat obvious?

    Try searching for your url (or a part of your url) that may provide a clue? Be warned: some values in the database are stored as serialized arrays… you should research this before updating records that have colon (:) characters and numbers.

    Otherwise – it’s possibly hardcoded into your theme? Try searching for the text in your files.

    To clarify-
    Check db first.

    Searching for records is harmless. Do your research before updating (or, post here).

    Failing that, it can only be in your files… although, it’s very bad practice. Hopefully nobody’s resorted to this in your site.

    I did the string search in the database with phpMyAdmin and found multiple occurrences of serialized array stores.
    I searched the WEB for a way to change the serialized arrays following your advice and found this tool:

    I installed and used it as directed and all is now working fine! My tabs now point to the localhost not my WWW site.

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.

    I don’t think the tool link went through:

    No worries. Glad all went well!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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