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  • I am currently using the mx4_theme by kubrick and would like to change the heading image as well as remove where it automatically displays the name of my page in the header. How can I go about doin this?

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  • You don’t need to double post about it. Give it some time!

    Sorry, I just thought I posted in the wrong forum.
    Here is the code that appears in my header.php file:
    #header { background: url(%3C?php\ bloginfo\(\’stylesheet_directory\’) no-repeat bottom center; }

    So I dont see where to change the image….

    Header image is controlled in the header.php file. Your current code is:

    body { background: url("") fixed center top; }
    #page { background: url("") repeat-y top; border-left: 1px solid #1F3851; border-right: 1px solid #1F3851;}
    #header { background: url("") no-repeat bottom center; }
    #footer { background: url("") no-repeat bottom; border: none;}

    Change the #header info and you’ll solve that problem. Just change the file name to whatever you’re wanting to use as your header graphic.

    The other question I thought was controlled by the header-image div. And possibly in the options panel of the admin area.

    EDIT –

    yeah, the name at the top is controlled by the h1 tag in the headerimg div.


    <div id=”page”>
    <div id=”header”>
    <div class=”headerimg”>
    <h1>The Big Timer</h1>
    <div class=”description”></div>’

    You can delete the div…or better yet comment it out so that it doesn’t show up.

    Hope that helps.

    You may have put the other one in the wrong forum, but it’s not an installation problem either. 🙂

    The image you want to change is here:
    Easy thing to do would be just upload the image you want to use and name it the same, that way you don’t have to change the coding.

    thanks a lot I just changed the image file to the same so I didn’t have to change the code, great idea. However, I still can’t get the name of my site to go away at the top. When I comment it out, the whole header disappears and I have to reload a good copy of header.php to get it back.

    sorry…I posted something stupid, meant to edit.. ended up posting below. thanks.

    You should just comment out the headerimg div, the h1 and the description div. That should do it.

    Oh, and you can comment out the headerimg css section in your style.css file if you want to be consistent.

    Each time I commented out the headerimg div, h1 and description div, my header image would disappear and the whole header would go blank. This would happen when I deleted the code as well. I just kept replacing my header.php file with a new file and trying over. I winded up just deleting my Blog’s name in the user control panel and that seems to do the trick.

    That is one way to do it….. I’ll have to look at my header.php and try it myself… it should work just being commented out. But, the name in the options area of the admin panel is probably an easier fix for most people to do too.

    If you just want the name gone, just delete or comment out the <h1>The Big Timer</h1> part.

    Or it might say something like <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>

    Yeah it’s really weird, if I change anything in my header.php file my whole header image thing goes blank. For example, all I did was change what was in between the <title></title> tags so my title bar wont read: and even that gives me the error I had when trying to comment out the other stuff.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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