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  • Hi guys,

    Is there a way to either a) change the various image names that are used for the image sizes or b) access the image names in PHP easily?

    I upload an image, which I then want to use getimagesize() on the *medium* image. At the moment the image is called something like [imagename]570×400.jpg.

    The problem is, I will always know what [imagename] is, and always know that it’s 570px wide – which I have set the medium size at – but the height of the image is variable (why I need to use getimagesize() ). I don’t know a simple way (well… any way frankly, being new-ish to PHP and WP) of loading THAT file into PHP to get the size.

    If the image were called something like [imagename]_medium, then I could always use that in the PHP.

    Any help appreciated!



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