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  • Hi!
    I had just started designing a new website using Weebly but I have preferred using WordPress since it is more professional. I have already started working on the website with WordPress. However, when I type in my URL, the coming soon page designed via Weebly comes up.

    When I access this link: – I access the Weebly created website
    When I access this link: – I access the WordPress created website

    What I desire is to type in and access the WordPress page rather than the Weebly one.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Kindly follow the instruction to change your url

    Set the url as

    Weebly is built on an entirely seperate platform. To my knoweldge, it is not possible to transfer your sites from Weebly over to WordPress.

    Setting the URL will not magically transfer your site.

    The reason your weebly site still comes up is because the domain resides on weebly servers, and is pointing the DNS to the weebly servers as well.


    I guess this is a WordPress site.

    But both the IP are same and DNS is hostgator. So how that is working?

    Thats a very good question. I’m not 100% sure.

    I only know it’s not possible because I had a client of mine ask to transfer there site from weebly to WordPress. I believe the database structure is entirely different, so getting your content off weebly and into mySQL is quite challenging.

    The webpage from just the domain is actually a under construction page that has been loaded onto the Hostgator hosting, i doubt it would be weebly as they don’t let you transfer from their builder… regardless, you will need to update the site url and WordPress url in the dashboard to Next you will need to connect through ftp to your hosting account or access the online file manager and move all your WordPress files to the root folder of your hosting from mysite. The root is typically public_html.

    Ok, so I changed the site and WordPress URLs. Now, the wordpress files were already in the root folder public_html, listed under a folder ‘mysite’. The problem is still persisting though. Moreover, I cannot log in to WordPress since I’ve changed the URLs, it gives me the 404 error – page not found. The URLs were changed to as instructed. In addition, I absolutely do not mind losing any information made via Weebly i.e. the coming soon page.

    Thanks again for your help!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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