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  • I am converting an existing html site to a WordPress version, and will use all of the existing information. I will use the same titles for pages, but I am concerned how Google see’s “?page_id=24” and not business-networking.htm

    I have about 40 pages. Should I still keep the htm pages, but have a redirect to the new pages? I don’t want to lose all the good page ranking and indexing I have built up.

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  • URL’s like ‘page=1234’ are just the default way that WordPress does it. When you get your site installed, you can set the permalinks (page/post URL’s) to be anything that you want. This means that instead of ‘’ you’d have ‘’.

    The second part is getting a plugin installed that does 301 redirection. That will let you set up your old URL’s to be redirected to the new pages. This will get your pages back where they should be as soon as possible by telling the search engines that the page has moved and giving them the new location instead of just saying “not found”.

    I have never used WP before so everything is a bit new. I have changed the permalinks/custom structure to /business-networking and then viewed in a browser, that worked fine. Many thanks.

    I can see there are a number of 301 plugins. As I am changing service provider as well, I guess it makes sense to have all loaded into the new site and then gradually create the WP page versions, and then mod the html version with a redirect?

    As my old site uses htm, then a browser processes index.htm, if not found it tries index.html and if that is not found it tries index.php so I guess I can have everything together?

    Did you set the permalinks setting to ‘/business-networking’ or did you set it to ‘/%postname%/’? It should be ‘/%postname%/’ so that all of your links owrk. If it’s only ‘/business-networking’ then you will only ever get one page working, which is really not what you want. Sorry if that sounds like it should be obvious, but I’ve seen (and made) mistakes like that myself many times before so I’m very cautious these days.

    You should be able to use your site with the standard pages in it and move them over. As a personal thing I don’t like working like that, but that’s because I know that it’s easy to foget a page or two, and if the pages aren’t in your WordPress system they won’t show up in the WordPress menus, which makes them harder to find. I prefer getting the site ready, then doing a full transfer from my development area to my production area. However I do realise that in a lot of cases this jsut isn’t practical.

    Yes I did change in custom structure to business-networking, but when I look at all the pages they now show the page title, ie, website-support-services.

    Thanks for your support, advice and comments

    Just a quick question, I cannot find how to open the permalink page to test the settings, can you help?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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