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  • I’m aware of the ‘Send Mail As’ feature in the settings. However, that doesn’t seem to affect the sender address for me.

    Instead, the sender address seems to still be determined from within Gmail. That is, when I change the default sender address at > Settings, that changes the sender details for emails sent by Postman SMTP, rather than the setting within the plugin.

    Have you encountered that before?

    Its a bit inconvenient because within my gmail I have it set up to send from 2 domains. I normally default from, but I’m trying to set up Postman SMTP for sending emails from an address associated with, so unless I change my default in gmail, I can’t seem to be able to do that.

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  • Ignore that issue – sorry.

    The mistake was that I was using a new email address that I hadn’t authorised as a ‘send mail as’ address within Gmail.

    This should be added to the FAQ.

    Could you share how you have your email address set up at gmail for “send mail as”? I’ve got as an email that I can “send mail as” but when I set that email as the postman “from” address it always delivers with my gmail address.


    Within Gmail, go to Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Send Mail as -> Add another email address that you own

    Thanks @ben_nz! I have that, and can send emails from gmail as Oh man…. I had the “send from” plugin enabled which also overwrites the “from name”.


    This thread saved my mind. I was going nuts trying to figure this out.

    Definitely should be in the FAQ. THANK YOU!

    One other thing I notice now though. I’m receiving not only the email in to, say: but I’m also receiving the same email in my gmail account.

    Anyone have this happen or know how to fix?

    Did anyone have this cause the test email to not work at all? I am trying to send from and that is a group in my gmail. Could the “From Email” be a problem when it is a group?

    I’m trying to set this up for a client. Do I need to use their Gmail account to set up the Client ID and Client Key? I set it up through my Gmail thinking this was like setting up an app that anyone can use but I’m an email idiot so I probably did this wrong. And now all the emails are saying that they are coming from me, even thought SMTP says it’s being sent by the client’s email address.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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