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  1. skyegospel
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am using a theme called Church Theme WP04. I have tried maing contact with the designer but haven't been able to get a reply and am tearing my hair out trying to get this sorted.

    Te website is uigmissionchurch.com

    This theme has been set as a 3 column layout. I like the rest of the theme for what I am needing but I would much rather be rid of the third column. Can anyone suggest a way of doing this for this theme?

    Many thanks


  2. James Kirk
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Heya skyegospel,

    Looks like that was a Premium theme? (Pricey, yikes!)

    I'm thinking its going to be tough to troubleshoot your challenges since I can't download and install it to see what's happening behind the scenes. Not the same to just look at your source code. :*(

    I've looked their the theme company's website, specifically at their demo site for the Church lady theme. Oops, sorry ;) the Church Theme :)

    As well as looking through your site. This is just a slightly educated guess on my part, but I think the theme doesn't provide for "posts" (not "pages") to be displayed on a 2 column page.

    Now you "could" get into your theme templates and hack something together but unless you are VERY comfy doing that I might advise steering clear.

    For nearly $60 I would think you should certainly be getting support from the theme creator :(

    I know this doesn't help much, however, I think it will be hard for us to solve this problem. Of course I could be wrong. I often am :|

    Cheers! :)

  3. skyegospel
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry just getting back to you now James - many thanks for your reply. The theme was a bit on the prices side - though I bought 5 at the same time for a big discount! But still quite prices now I look around :)

    Maybe I'll have to just stick wit the 2 column layout just now and hope that the designer eventually gets back to me!

    Thanks for your advise - I think I will try emailing him again.


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