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  • Keilya


    Hello guys

    I was wondering if I could change my username on this forum? I’ve noticed the current one is rather long and it makes it difficult and time consuming for people to address me in support threads. It’s also a nickname I fancied when I was younger, something I’ve grown out of.

    If possible, could I please have it changed to Hikoto? Short and sweet.

    There is currently an account with that name (, and to my suprise, I had started it a year ago. I think I must have forgotten about the ‘fantasycrusader’ account since it was really an old nickname.

    The reason I just do not want to migrate there is due to the post history this account has accumulated over 2 years. If the current ‘Hikoto’ account could be deleted and the ‘fantasy’ one changed to reflect ‘Hikoto’, I’d be eternally grateful.

    If not, I’ll just go around as ‘fantasycrusader’, sorry for the long name!

    PS. I’ve searched about forum username changes and this was the only which came up with no response:

    Thanks guys!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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