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    Okay so this is my problem, I want to change the font used by WordPress. I would like to have all my posts, pages, header, menu button’s and so on use the same font. Armata.

    The thing is I looked around and I installed a plugin already, that works fine and all but it only changes the font being used in posts. So no luck there.

    Also I tried adding a bit of code into the Header.CSS and that seems to work however although it changes the font on all pages, and posts, this will not change the font used by sliders that are part of my website (Javascript) and the menu buttons and so on. So that wont work either.

    Then I started digging around in the Style.CSS of my theme (Minerva), since I figure all things like fonts and styles are in here. It lists all sorts of things and mentions different fonts like Arial etc. But I just don’t know how to add Armata to the list and then make it the default – or only – font being used for the entire layout.

    So can someone please help and give me some input on how to change the entire website so it will use one default font for everything including menu buttons and slider captions……

    When needed I can provide additional information like code within the Style.css file.

    Thanks guys!!!!

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    add !important to your styles.css style


    font-family: Armata, sanserif !important

    D M


    It would be best to use a Child Theme for this, because when your theme is updated, you will loose any alterations. See here and [ link removed, please keep to the codex when possible ].

    Once you’ve made the Child Theme put:

    font-family: Armata, sans-serif;

    Also, the post headers and page headers may have different fonts, so look at them (h2.entry-title, etc.)

    Hey guys, thanks for your advice but it still doesnt work.
    Check out my web-site

    As you can see it will only change the posts and new pages but not the menu buttons and other text elements.

    Any more advice?


    D M


    You would have to go through your entire style.css and see if these other elements have a different font-family assigned to them.

    If some of these are widgets (plugins), they may also have an assigned font within the plugin’s code.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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