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  1. chloebites
    Posted 10 years ago #

    i've been trying to change the font colors of items listed under my various sidebar headings - i.e., the specific name of a blogroll listee, a specific month under the archve heading, etc. i've managed to alter all the other colors i want to on my site, but it's sidebar list entries, the search button, and some links in my header that are driving me crazy.

    i thought at first these would be controlled by #sidebar li, but this entry doesn't exist at all in my style.css (i did a text search to be sure). i then thought - wait, these are links, i should look at something dealing with 'a' - but i've tried to change the main 'a' stuff in the font and color section and got nothing. i eventually just did a search throughout my entire style.css looking for the word color. i've been through the whole style.css and i can't find any entry i haven't changed. is there somewhere else i should be looking? i'm using the theme glyph.

    anyone have any thoughts - they'd be much appreciated...

  2. chloebites
    Posted 10 years ago #

    my bad - foiled by cache not emptying... even though i clicked empty a hundred times. as i initially thought - changing color for 'a' worked... just wasn't seeing it.

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