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  1. politicolonel
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm trying to figure out how to make the content of a specific category appear in a specific color. In this case, I want the content of every category to appear in black (as it currently does) with the exception of two specific categories: one to appear in red and one to appear in blue.

    I am running the most current version of WordPress and my theme is Thesis 1.8

    Thank you for your help

  2. You would need to write a function which uses a conditional to check which category page you are viewing... and then hook the new css style via the function.

    Something like this should work (in your child theme functions.php file):

    if (is_category( array( 'CATEGORY1', 'CATEGORY2' ))) {
       function change_font_color() {
          ?><style type="text/css">YOUR CSS DECLARATIONS</style><?php

    Change "YOUR CSS DECLARATIONS" to include your new font color.

    Change "CATEGORY1" and "CATEGORY2" to the names (or slug names) if the categories you want to check against.

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