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  • Hi, I’m new to WordPress and built my web site ( in the Twenty Ten theme in October/November without needing to resort to code, which I don’t understand. Nor, looking at the forums, so I understand what a css view is!

    Using my Macbook Pro, I was able to change the font for all my body text to my preferred Helvetica 12pt by highlighting and right-clicking, and if you look around the site you can see the results.

    It’s all this way, except for the homepage whose text I have recently been trying to change but something is now stopping me from modifying the font and size.

    Has something changed, either in WordPress or the template? If so, Surely this doesn’t constitute an “upgrade”?!?


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  • Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    Open your twentyten/style.css and locate:

    #content {
        font-size: 16px;

    Thank you Emil, kind of you to reply but please see my para 1.

    After some struggle and no thanks to WordPress’ documentation, I located my style sheet, and I think I have found the piece of code you refer to.

    So what to do I do now?

    Also, my main problem is as much with the template’s having started to impose the Georgia font as with the type size.

    Further ideas, please?




    Forum Moderator

    Don’t edit the Twenty Ten theme! Your changes will be over-written the next time you upgrade WordPress or the theme. For this reason, it is recommended that you consider creating a child theme for your customisations.

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    Good point from @esmi, I completely forgot about that part!

    Thank you both, and glad to have been able to kick off a bout of mutual masturbation between you.

    I was clear in my post that I am a beginner, so neither of your posts were of any help whatsoever, probably because they went straight over my head.

    Fortunately, but no thanks to you, I found a friend of a friend who is more advanced in WordPress was able to help me out.

    Not sure I’ll be visiting the WordPress forum again in a hurry, unless it’s to share a wank of course! Signing off now.



    if you create a child theme can you just copy and paste the style.css that you edited from the twenty ten theme?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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